illuminating the knight

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“I loved every minute of it. Thank you.”

“I really miss everything about the Bardwell event – it took me back to many years ago and therefore made me feel younger. I learned a lot in rehearsals, not just about how best to attack performing, but also about myself.”

“It was a huge pleasure to be part of this. It was a great event to bring people together in what are very divisive times. I think you’ve provided an experience that children and adults in Bardwell and around will remember and talk about for many years to come.”



Performed by the residents of Bardwell and the surrounding villages.

With additional support from volunteers in Bardwell, the cooperation of various organisations and businesses in the village and particularly to Dinkie Williamson, Niamh O’Donoghue, Harriet Ashton, Greg Hanson and Asha Ray.
Written and Directed by Amy Wyllie

Designed and Produced by Becca Gibbs